Washing Is Important

Let's face it most of us can't buy and wear a T-shirt once just to throw it out. Or send it out to the dry cleaner every week.

The ability to wash over and over is a must.

That is why Sebastian Fierri design includes that little extra for the minimal shrinkage. After all remember this is still 100% cotton and in it's own nature shrinks.

So go ahead drop it in the first wash and get that final fit and feel you have been looking for.

Out the results of a soft hand, same drape, recovery, and stretch, at the perfect length.


When it comes to your wardrobe, there is no such thing as “just” a T-shirt. It’s the cornerstone of your look, so you need a T-shirt that’s ready for wherever you go. One that looks great with a blazer or button-down, for your business-casual workday...one for date night or boys’ night out, where it’ll keep you comfortable and turning heads...one with the relaxed, flattering fit for a stroll at the shore, an afternoon at the park, or even the gym. And if you’re crashing for some wellearned rest, you want a T-shirt as soft and luxurious as your favorite sheets.

SEBASTIAN FIERRI is pleased to bring you the highest-quality men’s 100% Cotton T-shirts available today. Fierri T-shirts are handcrafted right here in the USA, from only the best 100% Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton and pima fabrics...for tees that take multiple machine washes and still maintain their fantastic fit, feel, and comfort.


We all know the basics. Or do we?

It is very common to toss everything and anything in the wash add detergent, full cup half cup, it doesn't matter and press the button. Which is fine in some cases. However, if you want to see long lasting results of your premium t-shirt here's what we suggest. . .

Machine Wash | Standard or Normal - Cold cycle

In The Wash | Similar items and colors (hint: jersey with jersey \ jean with jean \ delicate with delicate)

Check The Detergent | Use your detergent measuring devise as well as suggested amount by cycle and load amount.

Tumble Dry | Low heat (dryer sheet recommended.)

Iron | If needed


Sebastian has three decades of experience in the garment industry, and has overseen the making of over 100 million T-shirts, always pushing the quality standards ever higher. Over the years, Sebastian noticed how typical T-shirt makers undercut their customers’ comfort and satisfaction, by using garment dye treatments and enzyme washes that make a T-shirt feel great in the store...only to turn brittle and break apart after just a few washes.

He also noted how fabrics, made with nylon, polyester, and even plastic-based spandex, can lead to over-stretching, sweat stains, and a rough, uncomfortable fit. And how retail mark-ups (a minimum double or triple the cost for a single T-shirt) mean that, for far too many men, you find yourself paying for everything except your T’’-shirt. Sebastian found this unacceptable.

Knowing everything he didn’t want to do, Sebastian drew on his years of skill, expertise, and contacts with the best people in the fashion and garment industry making to craft a T-shirt of such superior comfort, fine fit, and durability that, like the man who wears it, it’s always ready to rise to any occasion.


Sebastian’s years of research taught him that, for the T-shirts he had in mind, 100% Extra Long Staple (E.L.S.) Egyptian Cotton was the fabric of choice. Only very small, select areas of Egypt off er the perfect climate to produce these extra long cotton fibers. And the fabric made from this cotton offers a sturdy but breathable, feather-soft fit...one that flatters your build, no matter where you go or how you move. No one else has ever perfected a machine wash-and-dry T-shirt made from 100% pure E.L.S. Egyptian cotton....but there’s no one else making T-shirts today with the same passion and know-how as Sebastian Fierri.

Sebastian decided his line should also offer a range of designs made from extra long staple Pima Cotton. This cotton, commonly grown in Peru, is also incredibly soft and long-lasting, and its fabrics are prized for their abilities to retain rich, vibrant colors for wash after wash.


Sebastian has assembled a team of fabric experts, craftsmen with a combined two centuries of experience. All of Fierri’s T-shirts are handcrafted in the USA. Nowhere else but in America has the T-shirt become such a staple of the national look, so Sebastian trusts Fierri T-shirts to the people who know T-shirts best.

While too many T-shirt “designers” just pick a pre-made tee and slap their label on the back, Sebastian’s team oversees every aspect of the creation of Fierri T-shirts...from the cotton plant, to the spinning of the yarn, the fabric dyeing and finishing process, to the cut, sewing, and style. These T-shirts are made with absolutely no polyester, nylon, or spandex.

And if you’ve ever wondered why so many of your T-shirts start to fade and get holes after just a few washes...it’s not you, it’s the harsh garment dyes or enzyme wash processes those T-shirts were made with, accelerating damage and fading. But with no harsh garment dye or enzyme wash, Fierri T-shirts stay brightly colored and free of holes, wear and tear...and they keep their unmatched, silky-soft pure cotton feel, even after multiple washes.

Keep that brand new T-shirt feel.

You’re more than just a man. And it’s more than just a T-shirt...


Fierri T-shirts are available in styles that suit whatever your taste may be: Classic crew and V-neck designs...raw-edge and scoop neck looks...high-quality tanks...even the three-button vintage-vibe Henley, and more to come. Fierri T-shirts offer a smooth drape that moves how you move, and its unique spandex-free stretch means these tees will ensure you look and feel your finest, for all the work, play, and pleasure your life brings.

Sebastian also prides himself on bringing you the highest-quality men’s T-shirts with no retail middleman or mark-up. By offering these T-shirts exclusively online, so your T-shirt comes direct from Sebastian Fierri to you, Sebastian ensures that all you’re paying for is an unmatched comfort and style experience. It’s just one more promise to you that Sebastian Fierri will never rest until the best men’s T-shirt is available to as many people as possible.

You’re more than just a man. And it’s more than just a T-shirt.