The Vision of Mastering your Garments

Everyone is looking for their perfect T-shirt. We set out to create stylish simple basics; we want to become the backbone of your wardrobe and by that we created garments that will keep up with everything you do. From work to play, sports to evening wear, as long as you have a Sebastian Fierri garment in your closet, you won’t be out of a good look.

We work tirelessly to bring you the highest quality clothing that will not only make you look great but make you feel great. We have created a fabric from the highest quality Extra Long Staple (ELS) cotton in the world that feels super soft, without adding any synthetics which would otherwise compromise your comfort, and won't keep looking great after you wash it. We have perfected a garment that can be machine washed without shrinking 1 to 2 sizes after a single wash and a fabric that can stretch as much as spandex without using any synthetic materials.  You deserve a garment that feels better, wash, after wash, after wash, after wash. We created the best garments in the world, made from the best cotton in the world, for an unbelievable price, made in the USA. 

Our goal was to literally achieve the impossible!